Life Recovery Ministries, Inc is a non-denominational, faith-based specialized recovery ministry. Relationships in marriages, children and friendships are being destroyed by divorce, alcoholism, addictions, various abuses, emotional abandonment and other unhealthy behaviors. Life Recovery provides professional education, workshops and counseling to those hurt from damaging behaviors. Their goal is to assist individuals and families to break destructive behaviors and lifestyles, bringing freedom and wholeness to every area of the person’s life: spirit, soul and body.



We Will, WeWILL-logo-WEBInc is a resource, founded by Kim Pruitt, to provide emotional support and training for patients battling cancer and the families/caregivers that support them. The idea was birthed during Bobbi (Kim’s mother) & Kim’s 3 week stay at a local health institute, while Bobbi recovered from Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. We Will, Inc provides emotional support in the areas of: shock of diagnosis; phases of the emotional rollercoaster; navigating a treatment gameplan and the choice to fight. We Will, Inc also provides education in the areas of: mindset & positive self talk; supporting and advocating for the patient; importance of nutrition; and forgiveness & letting go. Their goal is empower those affected by cancer to take charge of their health, embrace the opportunity and improve their outcomes.