Gifted athlete + Gifted speaker = Extraordinary Results! Robert Claxton, Vice President AT&T

Kim … I wanted to personally thank you very much!!!   Had you not been so inspirational during our 3 day summit … I would never have taken the plunge!!  To this day I give thanks to the Lord for introducing you (indirectly) into my life!!! If there were a photo for the “bomb.com” ….it would have your picture on there!!  Kudos to you, Kim,  for all you do for current & incoming students!!! Agnes Florendo, CEO Phoenix Holdings Group, CA

Kim is a woman who is passionate about adding value to the person or group she is working with. With her vast personal and business experience she quickly gains the credibility necessary for participants to respond to her leadership. Whether is a board room or ball room, Kim communicates with conviction, clarity and candor to any audience desiring a “License to Thrive” philosophy of success. I most highly recommend her. Robert Claxton, Director of Human Resources Shipper’s Supply

Kim is a life changer. Kim provided our volleyball team with mentorship on and off the court. She walked our team through exercises that helped to strengthen us as individuals, as well as a group. I’m in firm belief that all of us became stronger people because of the support Kim gave to us through her encouragement, experience and teachings. Katie Arvidson, Captain Women’s Volleyball Team Florida Atlantic University

Kim is an energetic, highly skilled, results oriented woman who is driven to achieve abundance in her relationships, her business interests and her personal life. Kim is a woman who fundamentally operates from a position of integrity and compassion for others and consistently makes sound choices and decisions in performing all aspects of her life. Skip Olmsted, Founder Strategic Cultural Initiatives

Kim Pruitt is a special coach and mentor because of her character and integrity. She absolutely practices what she preaches. She also tells you like it is and what needs to be done to have success in your journey and always with compassion! Her true character shines through with every word that she speaks. I have since surrounded myself with like -minded individuals and share with them how much she has helped me with my personal growth and development and refer anyone who is looking to grow in that area of their lives. I am still a client of hers and am very much looking forward to our next mastermind. I am very happy to have Kim by my side during my personal growth! Jodi Smith, Team Beachbody Coach

I had the pleasure of working with Kim on the board of the Impact Leadership Network. From volleyball to business Kim passionately mentors people to their peak performance. Whether you’re a young adult or seasoned veteran, Kim’s encouraging and positive attitude will take you to the next phase of your career and life. Kim has an amazing talent of impacting lives in extraordinary ways.
Donna Caloia
, Certified Meeting Planner

I just wanted to let you know that I thought the time you had the stage during the training was heartfelt and so full of positive inspiration. You brought tears to my eyes. At one point, I had to get up and leave the room because I got so emotional. You are a huge blessing thank you! You inspired me more than you know. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you. Tammi Stewart Becker,  Seminar Attendee MN

Kim, THANK YOU! I got the job! Thanks for your guidance and encouragement. Your positivity helped me believe in myself and restore my confidence. You kept me out of my negative space and helped me rethink my presentation. I can’t thank you enough. Michelle Rosander, Medical Representative HearX USA