Ask any champion athlete and they will tell you that mindset and core behaviors drive everything else.

World class athletes do what needs to be done without fail, without excuses and without blaming or complaining.  More importantly, they do the hard stuff every day without exception.  They are clear on their goals and what it takes to get there.  There is no compromising

The question is – are you ready to do what you need to do so you can get what you want?  Without excuses?  Without compromise?

Extraordinary success as an athlete takes skill, dedication, time and effort.  It also takes a coach who understands what you’re going through and knows what it takes to get there because they’ve done it themselves.

As a former Hall of Fame Volleyball player, I know that support and accountability  for the athlete is a vital component of success. In my current role of personally coaching athletes to optimal results, I know that the outer game is simply a reflection of the inner game.  This means that peak performance has to come from the mind as well as the body.

Champions play to win the game but they also understand that “winning in the process” is a critical component of overall success and actually leads to the final result or “win”.  When the mind and body are aligned to “win”, everything falls into place.

Mindset and the Core Behaviors:


Show up like a champion  – the first impression is the most important and sets the tone for everything; especially your first impression of you.

Connect like a champion – no one gets to the top on their own.  Who you know and how you relate with them and to them is key to winning in all areas of life.

Focus like a champion – when you are singularly committed to your passion, success is the result.

Execute like a champion – practice makes perfect and so does practicing perfectly.

Assess like a champion – post game, you need to analyze, not judge, what actions need to be repeated and what needs to be done differently.


If you’re ready to have a breakthrough like never before, if you’re ready to reach that next level of performance and if you’re ready to commit to the exhilarating routine of a champion, then contact me for more information.