Sharpen Your Skills –“The Champion Method”

The difference between the successful & unsuccessful lies in the preparation. When you set yourself up with the skills that lead to achievement in business, your impact in your organization significantly increases. Who doesn’t want higher productivity, improved effectiveness, and greater achievement of results? These results come with Kim Pruitt’s signature training, ”The Champion Method:  Equipping yourself with the skills for business success”.


  1. Learn 8 elemental skills behind success
  2. Be inspired to lead yourself and others through greater efficiency in your own achievement
  3. Increase productivity when you shift your organizational culture to higher performance

Ignite Your Improvement –“Bring Your Communication to the Hall of Fame Level”

The most essential skill of the highly successful is their ability to communicate. Communication is especially important when it comes to team building, team dynamics and team morale. Teams that effectively communicate, bring results to their organization contributing overall to the success. Connecting increases your influence, influence creates leaders. It’s time to get in the game!


  1. Understand the impact of communication on your organization.
  2. Immediately implement specific tools to use in your next interaction
  3. Learn how to identify with people and relate to them to increase your influence, and leadership.

Maximize Your Results –“Goal Setting for Getting in AND Winning YOUR Game”

Successful organizations have a GAME PLAN and take MASSIVE ACTION.  But your business is much more than just a game.  Focused goal setting is a fundamental component to long-term success in any industry.  In this workshop, Kim facilitates your organization’s leadership and management teams through their goal setting and strategic planning, leading to a greater performance level. When organizations merge their vision with goals, their employees and shareholders become inspired.  It takes keeping your Eye on the Ball.


  1. Learn effective goal setting, gaining clarity
  2. Lead with confidence, and inspire confidence in your teams
  3. Take away a game plan to begin achieving big goals

3 Gaps

Research shows that there are three “gaps” that are limiting individual and organizational access to inner peace and productivity. Closing those 3 gaps requires the application of three skills: connecting your activities to your values; connecting your beliefs to that which will meet your needs over time; and connecting the things you plan and do each day to your goals and aspirations.


1. Learn the challenges that are facing us in our personal and professional lives
2. Understand the 3 gaps that need to be closed: The Values Gap, The Beliefs Gap and The Productivity Gap
3. Take action using a simple process to produce the results you seek