Do you wish you could inspire your company and people to greater heights, bigger wins and amazing results?

 If you’re ready to unleash the potential of your people and watch your company soar to success, then consulting is for you!

What can a consultant do for you?

 Many of the principles of coaching are the same in consulting.  There are a few key differences though, namely that a consultant will provide more specific input and provide you with precise information and instructions about what to do next in your business.

For example, a consultant will:

·      Help you get clear on your processes and systems and suggest answers and specific implementation

·      Assess and diagnose the team’s or the situation’s greatest skills and strengths and how to use those most effectively

·      Gather data and suggest what needs to be done

·      Help you create a specific action plan for your board or volunteers to achieve their goals

Hiring a consultant is extremely effective when you have specific projects that need an outside, objective assessment and the expertise to create a customized plan specifically for your company and your situation.

A consultant can also help you through shorter term projects that require extreme focus and intense commitment to getting the job done.

You may find that you need a combination of coaching and consulting and that is certainly an option!


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