Accountability is one of the most important personality traits that an individual can have. It is not only important in your professional life, but is just as important in your personal life as well. As important as accountability is, there are many who are afraid of it. The way in which you demonstrate accountability can be used by others to determine the type of person that you are.

When you demonstrate accountability, you show others that you are a mature and responsible person that can be depended on. This will typically make those you work with feel more secure. They can see that you are someone who takes their job seriously and will not be afraid to admit when they made a mistake. It also shows those around you, that if you are at fault, you will admit it. You will not make excuses or place the blame on someone else. This is a highly desirable characteristic, for not only employers but also those who you will be working with.

When you are accountable for your own actions, you help alleviate any time that is wasted trying to resolve a problem. That time can then be spent trying to come up with a solution, rather than trying to determine the cause of the problem. When someone refuses to be accountable for their mistakes, it only serves to slow down the project and miss important deadlines. You should always own up to any mistakes you may have made, or explain that you are having difficulties and the deadline may not be met.

Integrity and trust are extremely important when it comes to developing business relationships. When you hold yourself accountable for your actions, or inactions, you demonstrate that you have integrity, and that you can be trusted. If those you work with do not trust you, they may feel the need to micromanage you. This is not a productive workplace environment, not only are you not performing the job you were hired to do, but those who work with you are spending their time double checking your work.

Personal accountability is not something that should be viewed as an option. Rather, it should be seen as a personal obligation. If you can be depended on, you will gain the trust and cooperation of those you work with.

How would you rate yourself in the area of personal accountability?